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Showline 19 Pin Connectors

Showline 19 pin Socapex compatible connectors for entertainment lighting systems. Designed to meet the highest standards our 19 pin connectors include the following features.

  • Proprietary 6-circuit lighting connectors feature 12 interlocking keys to help prevent spinning of the interior within the male and female housing
  • Prevents misalignment of male and female circuit conductors and unmateable or mismatched connections
  • Helps prevent broken conductors and loose or damaged ground rings
  • Multi-cables carry 6-circuits of lighting power inside a single jacket, avoiding 6 individual runs of cable
  • "Tempered Spring" female contacts maintain constant pin pressure to help ensure low resistance connections
  • Machined aluminium housing with a hard wearing black finish provides enhanced durability
  • Silver plated brass contacts provide high conductivity
  • Available as standard for 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm cable to meet specific requirements
  • All black construction blends into scenery and is ideal for stage or studio lighting applications


  • Current Rating 23 Amps
  • Voltage Rating 600 VAC Max
  • Operating Temp -55° to +60° degrees C
  • Ingress Protection IP67 watertight when mated
  • Shells Machined Aluminum
  • Finish Hard wearing Black
  • Insert Silicone
  • Cable Entry Standard M40 - 15 - 23mm
  • M40 O/S - 26 - 32mm
  • Conductor Size
  • Contacts Silver Plated Brass
  • Standard 1.5 mm / 2.5 mm
Showline 19 pin Chassis mount Male - Solder
Showline 19 pin Chassis mount Female - Solder
Showline 19 pin Chassis mount Male - Crimp
Showline 19 pin Chassis mount Female - Crimp
Showline 19 pin Line Male - Solder
Showline 19 pin Line Female - Solder
Showline 19 pin Line Male - Crimp
Showline 19 pin Line Female - Crimp
Showline 19 pin Line Male Spider Clamp - Crimp
Showline 19 pin Line Female Spider Clamp - Crimp

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