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Metal Fixing Brackets

We have an extensive range of fixing/timber brackets and clamps which are designed to join things together, within the theatre and entertainment industries. Our metal fitting brackets are manufactured from mild steel making them durable and long-lasting.

At MTX you will find a range of fixing and timber brackets including wall brackets, suspension brackets and pipe to wall brackets, all created from mild steel, then pressed, folded and welded as required. Finished in BZP or Black, we can also work to your specific request so if you can't see what you are looking for please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

All of our fixing brackets are bespoke made. Should you require custom metal brackets and clamps, contact us so we can assist you.


Top hat ceiling saddle
Universal bar clamp 48mm
Tube/stud angle bracket M12/Omega
Omega clamp 48mm
Side bar stud hanger for use with M12 studding
Standard 300mm stand off bracket
Standard 150mm stand off bracket
Standard face fixing bracket 195 x 150
Heavy duty angle fixing bracket M12/Omega
Universal bar clamp 48mm Black
Top hat ceiling saddle - Black
Omega clamp 48mm - Black
Standard 150mm stand off bracket - Black
Standard 300mm stand off bracket - Black
Standard face fixing bracket 195 x 150 - Black
Tube/stud angle bracket M12/Omega - Black
Flying/Hanging clamp
Flying/Hanging clamp - Black

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