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110v Plugs & Sockets

At MTX Electrical we stock a range of 110v plugs, 100v sockets, inlets and couplers in both 16 & 32 amp configurations. Industrial plugs and connectors are suitable for repeat use and as stage supply specialists, we often have customers approach us looking for these items when they require reliable and professional electrical equipment for use in the entertainment industry. 

Buy your 110v plugs & 110v sockets online today!

What are 110v Plugs?

Devices which run on 110 volts can be plugged into 120-volt outlets as modern electrical devices are able to tolerate the fluctuation in voltage. Commonly used in the construction industry in the UK to reduce the risk of electrocution, our range of 110-volt accessories can stand up to the regime of stage and theatre use or can be used safely in conference centres, schools, colleges, universities or wherever you may require them. 110v is the amount of current the wire can handle and the amount of voltage that is supplied to the outlet. All of our 110v plugs and 110v sockets meet UK standard safety requirements and are durable, robust and high-quality for a range of industrial uses.

What Colour are 110v Plugs and 110v Sockets?

Available in the distinctive yellow our 110v range of plugs, sockets, inlets and couplers are produced by electrical experts PCE. The colour of the housing for 110v plugs and sockets is yellow and this is the industry standard for the operating voltage. 

Should you wish you place an order or ask for any additional information about our 110v plugs then please do get in touch as our stage and theatre supply experts can help. We also have a design and manufacturing service for those who need a bespoke product. 

110v Appliance Inlets
110v Appliance Inlets
110v Panel Mount Sockets
110v Sockets - Panel Mounted
110v Trailing Plugs
110v Trailing Plugs
110v Trailing Couplers
110v Trailing Couplers

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