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Internally Wired Lighting Truss

Lighting TrussWe have a lot of experience wiring lighting truss so whether we supply it or you free issue it we can get the job done for you. 

MTX can supply a broad range of lighting truss systems for stage and theatre productions including internally wired. Our team are happy to advise on exactly what products you may require and price up the setup for you based on your exact requirements.

What is lighting truss?

Lighting truss is an aluminium framework that is used to hold lights into place for on-stage events. Popular uses for lighting truss include stage productions at education facilities for drama, dance and theatre as well as in conference halls and music venues. Lighting truss is typically fairly lightweight in order to be easily transported from A to B.

No matter what length or fitting you require our team will be able to help you pack up everything you need so that you end up with the required finished product for the job. We can supply all clamps and accessories for your lighting truss too.

Both stage and lighting truss allows lighting designers to bring lighting to wherever they require it on stage, making it perfect for those who work in theatres, concert halls and any other stage environment.

 We also have a wide range of fixing brackets for use on our IWB range.

Why Choose MTX as your lighting truss supplier?

  • We manufacture our lighting truss using Litec as standard.

  • You can free issue your own lighting truss system to us and we will internally wire it for you, to your own spec.

  • Choose from any of these Inlets

  • As with our bars your lighting truss can be any length, with custom socket centre`s  and wired in any fashion (e.g Radial,Series,Ring,Cyclorama or individual circuits)

  • Your lighting truss can be wired with any combination of these outlets.

  • Our ABS housings are available in Grey,Black and White

  • All of our lighting truss is tested to IEC 60439-1 , continuity and polarity tested, we can also offer insulation resistance testing if required.

Note: Our ABS housings are specially milled out to suit the larger diameter of Truss.

We can also offer socket housing identification labels.

Socket Housing Identification Label


For further information or advice about theatre lighting, stage supplies or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.

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