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We offer an in-house design and build service so if you require any bespoke stage supplies please give us a call on 01722 416656 or drop us a line at  you can also send a message via the website here

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Lighting Grids

We create bespoke stage lighting grids for use in theatres, studios and venues. All of our internally wired lighting grids are custom built items as no job is ever the same. Every aspect of your lighting grid will be fully customisable including the shape, size, colour, termination location and number of crossbars if you required them.

If you have a room large enough to install it, we will have a way of making it for you. Our experienced and skilled team can work to your requirements to deliver you the perfect solution.

Lighting Grid All of our lighting grids are made to order as no job is ever the same, giving you full access from the start.

Every Lighting Grid needs somewhere to live so do not forget to check out our Bracket range and Cross over clamps or the whole range

  • Every aspect of your lighting grid will be fully customisable including Shape , Size , Colour , termination location(s),number of cross bars (if any)

  • We can manufacture as standard from Anodised Silver, Anodised Black and Mill finish 48.3mm OD Aluminium tube

  • Bars can also be powder coated to many different RAL colours

  • Your grid can be made with custom socket centre`s  and wired in any fashion (e.g Radial, Series, Ring, Cyclorama or individual circuits)

  • Your Lighting Grid can be wired with any combination of inlets or outlets.

  • Our ABS housings are available in Grey, Black and White

  • If you have the imagination to design it, we can build it, or if you have a rough idea we can design it for you.

  • All of our bars are tested to IEC 60439-1, continuity and polarity tested, we can also offer insulation resistance testing if required.


We can also offer socket housing identification labels.

Socket Housing Identification Label


Remember to give us a call on 01722 416656 for a lighting grid quotation.

For further information or advice about theatre lighting, stage supplies or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.

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