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We offer an in-house design and build service so if you require anything bespoke please give us a call on 01722 416656 or drop us a line at  you can also send a message via the website here

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MTX RANGE Socket Boxes

MTX Engineering supply a range of socket boxes, based on a single or double gang. Available in standard powder coated black, you can also make use of our in-house custom build service to create your ideal product allowing you to alter the design including colour, engraving and connector type. Not only this, our socket boxes are available wired or unwired as well as the option of a custom lid.

All our socket boxes come complete with engraved labels as standard and to complement the great design of the MK style, our MTX range of socket boxes are designed with quality, budget and appearance in mind.

The MTX and MK standard range of 15- and 16-amp Socket Boxes suit most applications, so if you require a good-looking product that doesn't blow the bank please do check out our 15 and 16a socket box range.

MK Socket Boxes
MTX Socket Boxes

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