Stage & Theatre Product Categories 

We offer an in-house design and build service so if you require any bespoke stage supplies please give us a call on 01722 416656 or drop us a line at  you can also send a message via the website here

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Stage & Theatre Brackets, Clamps & Accessories

Looking for girder brackets, fixing brackets, hook clamps, tube clamps or general stage accessories? You are in the right place as our huge range of stage supplies will ensure can find all the components you need.

MTX Engineering and Electrical supply a large selection of brackets, clamps and accessories suitable for the theatre, stage and wider entertainment industries. Our theatre product range can be used as part of stage rigging, for lighting and equipment and almost any other use you can think of in the industry. Need a quote or further details? Give us a call or complete our contact form and one of our experts will be in touch. 

Theatre lighting brackets

In order to create the perfect stage or lighting show, you may require a selection of mounting whether that be girder clamps, safety bonds or more. We stock a whole host of clamps and accessories so that you can get to work with your project. Manufactured from mild steel flat or angle sections, pressed, folded and welded as required in-house, the MTX range of brackets offer you high-quality brackets at affordable prices.

At MTX we get a lot of enquiries about lighting equipment. Lighting is essential in theatres, film and TV studios with the brackets and accessories often bearing the weight of expensive equipment and therefore needs any brackets or accessories need to be from a trusted supplier.

As we produce our own brackets and clamps, we can cater to custom requests and can also offer competitive discounts too. Browse our range to find quality standard fixing brackets, clamps and more and feel free to contact our expert team who can guide you to the perfect item. Our rigging, suspension and lifting equipment is widely used throughout the film, tv and theatre industry. 

Stage, Rigging and Lighting Clamps 

We stock girder clamps, cross over clamps, tube clamps and cross over clamps to name a few. 

Brackets for use in stage and theatre 

We have a vast array of brackets in the MTX range including heavy duty angle brackets, fixing brackets, girder brackets, omega brackets and top hat brackets. 

Standard fixing Brackets
Metal Fixing Brackets
Pipe to Pipe Joiners
MTX RANGE Pipe to Pipe Joiners
Girder Brackets
Girder Clamps
Cross Over Clamps
Cross Over Clamps
Safety Bonds
Safety Bonds
Boom Arm Brackets
Boom Arm Brackets
Tube Clamps
Tube Clamps
Hook Clamps
Hook Clamps

For further information or advice about theatre lighting, stage supplies or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.

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