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We offer an in-house design and build service so if you require any bespoke stage supplies please give us a call on 01722 416656 or drop us a line at  you can also send a message via the website here

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Facility Panels, Plates & Boxes

Facility panels and boxes allow you to fit switches and sockets into your installation and create a control panel solution. As established electrical and engineering equipment suppliers for the theatre and stage production industry, MTX Electrical and Engineering provides a comprehensive range of single and double gang facility plates and boxes. We offer both pre-punched and fully finished options, with custom panel options also available.

Bespoke facility panel options

At MTX, we understand that stage, theatre and entertainment electrical products often need to be a bespoke design, and of the highest quality. For those who require a bespoke custom panel, we offer an in-house design and manufacture service to offer our customers complete flexibility. Choose all aspects of the design including size, colour, labelling, engraving plus many more options. 

In the MTX facility panel range, you will find panels, plates, boxes, flush plates and custom populated panels. We offer our customers complete freedom so that you can select box type whether that is surface or flush, colour, finish, connector type and quantity and we can also provide hinged lids as and when they may be required. 

Audio Facility Panels

We can create you a totally unique facility panel to suit the set up you are working with, no matter your project type. Our audio facility panels are custom made for you as are the lighting panels. 

Speak with our advisors so we can get a feel for the job you are working on and guide you down the right path, or simply run us through what you need and we can provide you pricing details and any further information. At MTX we provide flexible options when it comes to all theatre electrics and engineering so you can walk away with the exact product you need. 

Facility Panels & Boxes
MTX Facility Panels & Boxes
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MTX Plate & Box Series
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MK Plate & Box Series
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Custom Panel Information

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